[TriLUG] Free DNS hosting revisited:

John Broome jbroome at gmail.com
Thu Aug 19 10:00:17 EDT 2010

I and some others recommended ZoneEdit for hosting free DNS when this
topic came up in February.

They are changing their policies on 8/27 to limit the free domains to
two only.   http://update.zoneedit.com/

the tl;dr is existing free accounts that have ever purchased a zone
credit can keep their five free zones.

New accounts only get two zones instead of five.

Existing accounts that have never purchased a zone credit will be
dripped down to two zones; the first two that were added will remain
free.  If you buy a zone credit btw now and the 27th you can keep your >
2 zones.

Suggestions in the previous thread were:

DurableDNS.com  (pay)
EasyDNS.com (pay)
backupdns.com (pay but damn cheap)
https://dns.he.net/ (free for 25 domains)

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