[TriLUG] Free DNS hosting revisited:

Matt Pusateri mpusateri at wickedtrails.com
Thu Aug 19 10:33:22 EDT 2010

On Aug 19, 2010, at 10:00 AM, John Broome wrote:

> I and some others recommended ZoneEdit for hosting free DNS when this
> topic came up in February.
> They are changing their policies on 8/27 to limit the free domains to
> two only.   http://update.zoneedit.com/
> the tl;dr is existing free accounts that have ever purchased a zone
> credit can keep their five free zones.
> New accounts only get two zones instead of five.
> Existing accounts that have never purchased a zone credit will be
> dripped down to two zones; the first two that were added will remain
> free.  If you buy a zone credit btw now and the 27th you can keep your >
> 2 zones.
> Suggestions in the previous thread were:
> DurableDNS.com  (pay)
> EasyDNS.com (pay)
> backupdns.com (pay but damn cheap)
> https://dns.he.net/ (free for 25 domains)

I've use http://dyndns.org and always been happy with them.  They give your 5 free hosts per domain, I don't know how many domains you can use.  I've only used the for dynamic dns for my home router.  So I've never tried to fully host my DNS with them. I would guess if your needed more than 5 hosts, you could create a second free account for another domain.  They do time out your free account if they don't get dynamic dns updates for over 30 days.  Again they may be better for dynamic dns for your cable modem, than to host your entire DNS setup with.  Not sure what services you actually need based upon your email.

Matt P.

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