[TriLUG] Compliments to David Zeuthen for Disk Utility

Dwain Sims dsims at bayleafnc.org
Wed Sep 15 13:37:44 EDT 2010


The horizontal vs vertical mounting of drives issue seems odd to me.  The
vast majority of disks in enterprise style deployments are mounted
vertically; I am thinking about Fibre Channel and iSCSI disk arrays,
specifically.  The disks are almost always mounted vertical in those kind of
enclosures.  These tend to be Fibre Channel or SATA disks (sometimes SAS),
but I can't imagine the phyical stresses would be that much different with
desktop style disks.  I sure can't remember seeing any significant
difference in longevity when you mount them horizontal vs vertical.


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Subject: [TriLUG] Compliments to David Zeuthen for Disk Utility
I just brought up the "Disk Utility" in Fedora. This is really, really good.
It actually helps you determine what is wrong with the disks. Seems to me
mounting disks vertically (on their side) is a bad idea as I have a failing
Seagate and a failing Maxtor whereas other disks which I've had horizontal
(normal mounting) are lasting longer (4+ years). Bad sectors at about 4


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