[TriLUG] VoIP for 125 users

Jim Ray jim at neuse.net
Wed Oct 13 10:50:26 EDT 2010

We picked up the 3cx product line as our flavor of choice.


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I know this group will have a variety of options... so I'm all ears to
what's out there.  I get to budget for a complete phone system overhaul
2011.  Things like, detecting caller ID when phone call comes to your
and bringing up caller info from our DB, ADC (log in and be part of hunt
groups), voice mail (duh) and the ability to have your phone when
soft phones too? or transporting your IP phone with you?  No need to get
into great detail but I'm curious what folks are using out there?  We
likely go off the shelf, no asterisk... but I wish.

David McDowell
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