[TriLUG] OT What local tv service do you use with your mythtv?

Mark Kempster mark at kempster.org
Fri Oct 15 08:10:37 EDT 2010

I used a tivo with time-warner basic cable for years. I added a mythtv
near the end, and then about a year ago switched to Uverse.

It's a fine service, but we've had trouble with the hardware (nothing
a tech and service call couldn't handle) half a dozen times, we have a
finicky second unit, the tech guys all seem to do something different
to 'fix' whatever's the problem, and the price could be better.

The latest hurdle that I haven't overcome is some way to copy a show
I've recorded onto my laptop for watching elsewhere. From the purist's
side of me, the fact that the set-top boxes run some flavor of windows
just doesn't sit very well. The UI isn't the easiest to use, and there
have even been some comments from my wife that some things were easier
on the tivo and the myth.

I'm just not as thrilled with the whole deal as I was hoping for, and
I'm considering the switch to another service that will let me use my
mythtv again. I'd like to stay legal and with a 'normal' tv stream -
I'm not ready to make the leap of buying or downloading every show the
family wants to watch.

If you're using mythtv, what local service to you use it with?

Thanks for your advice and input.

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