[TriLUG] OT What local tv service do you use with your mythtv?

Bill Farrow bill at arrowsreach.com
Fri Oct 15 10:08:56 EDT 2010

I'm using a home built antenna in an apartment to get over-the-air HD
TV using MythTV and an hd-homerun.  Perhaps I should connect one tuner
back to the TWC outlet and see what they are providing these days.
Last time I tried it I was able to get TWC HD (basic).

I prefer MythTV because I get a single unified interface to almost all
of my video media with a SINGLE remote control.  I feel pity for my
friends who have a collection of remote controls scattered on their
coffee table.  I use MythTV for Live TV, recorded TV shows (with
commercials automatically skipped), downloaded videos, DVD's (skipping
past the FBI warnings), etc.

Unfortunately I have to leave MythTV to watch Hulu, and I can't watch
Netflix streaming videos so I don't have a subscription.


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