[TriLUG] VoIP for 125 users

David M. turnpike420 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 15 10:55:41 EDT 2010

Matt, that's an amazing amount of info.  You've clearly got your head
wrapped around this stuff.  Roll our own is a possibility, but I do think we
are likely to go with a vendor ... if something goes wrong, it's their fault
not mine.  :)

On Thu, Oct 14, 2010 at 9:36 PM, Matt Pusateri
<mpusateri at wickedtrails.com>wrote:

> You can look at sipXecs, which was backed by nortel, and sold by nortel.
>  Avaya has picked up the remnants,  and will be releasing a product on it.
>  I was really not impressed with Avaya or there local people when I had to
> deal with them at a previous job.  Most of the commercial systems I looked
> at are old pbx/key systems and voip is just an bolt on and really do not
> seem to be done well.  SipXecs (http://www.sipfoundry.org)  has forked
> from the Avaya build and there is a company Euze, that is sponsoring it and
> doing development work.  You can get commercial support from them, so it's
> not like you're just downloading asterisk/trixbox etc.  Of course you can
> get commercial support for Asterisk and Trixbox as well. I run Trixbox at my
> current job, and there things I like and things I dislike about it.   The
> more I use Trixbox, the less I like it specifically.     Trixbox is Asterisk
> plus FreePBX 2 with Trixbox addons hacked on top.  FreePBX 3 has forked and
> is under a new name
>  .  This kinda makes Trixbox less appealing in the long run.   What I
> really like about sipx/sipfoundry is that they are really implementing sip
> correctly or appear to be.   This allows them to use proxy's and SBC's and
> not make a B2BUA like asterisk do the wrong type of work.  The sipfoundry
> architecture is just a much better design.  You can't even set the product
> up without doing DNS correctly for sip uri dialing.  Plus they have basic
> clustering/ldap/ and jabber support out of the box.  I have a test box right
> now, and hope to eventually replace trixbox/asterisk at work with it.
> If you are going to roll you own or use a FOSS solution (Again commercial
> support is available and may get you past the PHB's) I would recommend
> Polycom phones over Cisco's or Snoms or Astara's.  Polycom seems to be
> trying hard to make  a SIP compliant phone.
> If you need more help or have questions feel free to ping me off list.
> Matt P.

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