[TriLUG] Trilug - corporate status etc.

Michael Rulison 13miketele at bellsouth.net
Wed Feb 9 10:57:09 EST 2011

   1. The email thread is hugely difficult to traverse because of the
      long string of messages, each repeating everything from before w/o
      snipping anything.  I gave up.
   2. At the December meeting I said I had had experience in pushing
      501(c)(3) status forms up through the IRS hierarchy. It does not
      need an attorney, just someone who will read forms and
      instructions and jump through the hoops, which include: articles
      of incorporation, bylaws, income/expense statement(s), and IRS
      forms. I left it there and have not been contacted. I have lots to
      pray over but might still be available, especially if 3-4 persons
      would agree to perform separable tasks requiring, I guess, 3-6
      hours each.
   3. Tax situation and not being current, etc.: I have no experience
      with this but, again, understand I&E and Balance Sheets at a
      rudimentary level. I am not familiar with ins and outs of wiggling
      out of state/federal tax cracks.
   4. I will go with the flow of what the group wants.
   5. If anyone wishes to reply or comment on this, please snip out what
      is irrelevant for you and address what remains.

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