[TriLUG] use fedora server for VPN

Charles Mangin option8 at option8.com
Fri Feb 11 13:59:19 EST 2011

hi all.

when i'm using my laptop at somewhere like Panera, i can do an SSH tunnel/SOCKS proxy setup to get a secure connection to the outside world, but i can't replicate that SOCKS setup on my iPad, which is becoming more and more my go-to portable machine.

to this end, i've got a fedora server working pretty well as a VPN server at home for when i need to access something on my home network from on the road. i'm using pptpd to establish the VPN and i can see everything as if i were on my network. this works fine with the VPN config built into the iPad.

problem is, while i'm on the VPN, i can't get out to the internet. 

what relevant config files do i need to look into?


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