[TriLUG] use fedora server for VPN

Randy Barlow randy at electronsweatshop.com
Fri Feb 11 14:06:27 EST 2011

On 02/11/2011 01:59 PM, Charles Mangin wrote:
> when i'm using my laptop at somewhere like Panera, i can do an SSH tunnel/SOCKS proxy setup to get a secure connection to the outside world, but i can't replicate that SOCKS setup on my iPad, which is becoming more and more my go-to portable machine.
> to this end, i've got a fedora server working pretty well as a VPN server at home for when i need to access something on my home network from on the road. i'm using pptpd to establish the VPN and i can see everything as if i were on my network. this works fine with the VPN config built into the iPad.
> problem is, while i'm on the VPN, i can't get out to the internet. 
> what relevant config files do i need to look into?

Does "can't get out to the internet" mean that you can't resolve
hostnames, or that you can't route traffic to the internet?

My typical preference is for the client to route only traffic destined
for my VPN network through the VPN, and to route everything else as if
not on the VPN. This is especially nice if you are using a home
connection with the VPN, as they typically have low uplink speed. This
is a configuration of the client more than it is of the server.

If you want all traffic to pass through the VPN, you will need to
configure the server to be able to route traffic that it receives.


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