[TriLUG] virtualization stacks for linux servers

Randy Barlow randy at electronsweatshop.com
Thu Apr 7 18:05:46 EDT 2011

I'll tack on to this discussion that I use and enjoy KVM. Some
advantages for me:

* Built in to the Linux kernel (you do need some userspace tools to use
it, however.)
* In my non-scientific experience, it seemed to outperform VmWare. (We
didn't have a VMWare expert to "tune" our setup, so YMMV.)
* Open Source, including all management tools (I mostly use virsh, but
virt-manager is alright).
* Management tools work in Linux (unlike VMWare).
* I already knew how to use qemu, so not a very steep learning curve for me.
* For home use, I like that I can continue to use frequency scaling on
my processor to save power and heating. Last time I looked at Xen (a few
years ago, so might have changed), its kernel had removed support for
CPU frequency scaling, probably for good reason.
* It plays nice with libvirt.

* Not as nice as VirtualBox for graphical guests (VBox's seamless mode
is a thing to behold.)
* Not as fast as Xen.


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