[TriLUG] LDAP and Identity Management presentation

Jeremy Agee jeremy.agee at gmail.com
Fri May 13 14:41:49 EDT 2011

I wanted to thank everyone for a great turn out for the presentation
and voting last night!  You should be seeing a tarball show up at some
point. This will have the following files for those people interested
in getting the slides.  I also included some examples for people
starting out. Here is what to expect.

- the presentation from last night.

- A quick setup run through of most of the following setups including
the config of phpldapadmin.

- An example.com ldif to start out with plus a test user and group.

- simple openldap 2.3 server config.

- Example ldif of the example.com domain name using the 10.0.0. subnet.

- nfs4 server setup and autofs maps for clients.

- full run through for making a samba PDC so you can run your own
windows domain. See samba.org for registry changes when joining win7
clients.  You can also use this setup for linux shell accounts too.
You just have to add the userPassword attribute to the user added with
the net command.  You will have different passwords for the same
account because the windows password is sambaNTPassword and the linux
attribute is userPassword.

Jeremy Agee

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