[TriLUG] macbook question

John Wheeler jwheeler at etherealfringe.com
Sun May 15 18:48:56 EDT 2011

One other thought.
Though I currently run fusion there has been talk lately of Parallels Desktop running better on thinner (laptop) hardware. The two seem to leapfrog each other periodically. Might be worth the evaluation period to choose between those. Virtualbox will do the job under OS X as well, and for free to boot. Can't speak to performance as I don't use it regularly.

If he did go with the Air, this choice would be more relevant.


On May 15, 2011, at 5:33 PM, John Broome <jbroome at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Sun, May 15, 2011 at 16:03, James Jones <jc.jones at tuftux.com> wrote:
>> Do any of you that have answered my email have a MacBook of any kind
>> or are you answers based on technical specs?
> Mine is based on experience.  And i was about to correct you on the
> fact that a macbook and an Air are two different machines.
> I looked at the specs for the current generation of macbooks (the
> white plastic one), and that looks like it's better suited to running
> virt stuff than the air is.
> I've run fusion on my C2D 2ghz 2006 macbook with 2gb ram.  It's not
> pleasant, and not something i'd do all the time but it's possible.
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