[TriLUG] PXE Questions

Kristopher Kane kristopher.kane at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 22:48:34 EDT 2011

> Thanks!  That, in a nutshell, is what I've had in mind since starting this
> little side-project, but I will need also to deploy Windows 2008 R2 Sp1 and
> Windows 2008 Sp1.  I found this tutorial:
> http://dice.neko-san.net/2011/02/automated-windows-server-2008r2-installation-from-a-linux-server-without-machine-imaging/
> which I might have to use, but I was looking for something a tad more
> elegant (i.e. less complicated in case I have to hand it off to someone less
> tech savvy).

Whilst, I have never done this... I believe Server 2008 comes with the
unattended.xml file for remote installs.  I am not sure if you need a
'mo better' server version in order to do that.

I have never deployed a Win Server with the centOS pxe link I sent.  I
have only deployed, well, CentOS.  :-)  The link you sent seems to
cover it pretty well though.  What you could do for that less savvy
person is the leg work of extracting the Windows boot files.  If that
person can handle the tftp/dhcpd/pxe hand off, I am sure they could
handle from the point where you have already done the boot prep for
R2.  Once you have all of that, it is a matter of tar'ing up the tftp
hand off directory with all of the files and saving it for the future.


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