[TriLUG] Linux-related Network Admin Job at McClatchy Interactive

the_it_sim at yahoo.com the_it_sim at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 1 14:33:39 EST 2011

Re-posting with a description:

With a clear understanding of McClatchy Interactive’s in-house 
applications, the Network/Systems Engineer is responsible for all 
aspects of network and server operation, security, performance, and 
ongoing improvement.  Working in a fast-paced, 24x7 environment, the 
Network/Systems Engineer must be able to work both independently and as 
part of the Technology team.  Consistent, detailed, and clearly written 
and verbal communications are essential to this position.  The 
Network/Systems Engineer works closely with database administrators, 
software developers, and customer support developers to plan projects, 
identify and solve problems, monitor security and performance, and 
recommend improvements to the network and server infrastructure and the 
applications that utilize networking and server resources.


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