[TriLUG] Sun Ultra 5 freezes under load

Roy Vestal rvestal at trilug.org
Sat Dec 31 00:19:27 EST 2011

What version of OS?

If Solaris 8/9/10, you can run /usr/platform/`uname -i`/prtdiag or 
/usr/sbin/prtconf and see if they show any issues with the CPU or RAM?

I've seen RAM and CPU cause that more than anything.

Good luck!


On 12/7/11 1:06 PM, Jack Hill wrote:
> Hi all,
> This might be a long shot, but I'm not sure if the problem is specific 
> to the exotic hardware.
> When the machine is under CPU load it will freeze (sending a break 
> over the serial console won't even bring up the openboot prompt) after 
> about an hour. The problem seems to be specific to the installation 
> (i.e. not a hardware problem) because I don't see this when it's 
> booted with the livecd. Also, it seems to be specific to CPU usage and 
> not disk usage. I'm not seeing anything interesting in the logs 
> (probably because it crashes before it can write anything).
> Suggestions on what is going on/what I might do to figure out what's 
> going on?
> Jack

Roy Vestal

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