[TriLUG] OT: Questions about AT&T U-verse

Magnus magnus at trilug.org
Thu Mar 15 16:28:56 EDT 2012

On Mar 15, 2012, at 4:11 PM, David Both wrote:

> Does anyone have any recent experience with AT&T U-verse?


> I am thinking of dropping my TWC TC Cable and TW Business Class Internet and going with ATT which has a better price and higher Internet speeds while providing static IP addresses for a modest fee. TW only does static IPs with Business Class. And my cable TV cost is outrageous even with the so-called "retention" which is a lot less benefit when you only have the TV and not the full 3-way package.

If you want to use their smart relays to send email from any address other than the one they give you, it is painful and involves authorizing each address via Yahoo of all things.

> I am looking for information on QOS, advertised speed vs actual, overall satisfaction, and any service issues and satisfaction with ATT response to problems.

AT&T pretty much worked all the time. I do think that I was tripping over QoS rules but there is no real way to know. Speeds were often close to what was advertised. Customer support with AT&T was very painful.

I ended up going back to Time-Warner and being stuck between these two lousy choices makes me want to give up the Internet. You didn't ask about Time-Warner but I've got intermittent connectivity issues and they won't do more than reboot my modem (over & over & over). If they look at my modem and see it's fine (which it is 90% of the time) they declare it "working" and dismiss me.

If there is a good third choice that I'm missing, I'm all ears.


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