[TriLUG] OT: Questions about AT&T U-verse

Lance A. Brown lance at bearcircle.net
Fri Mar 16 01:49:27 EDT 2012

Stephen Bryant said the following on 3/15/2012 10:25 PM:
> On the other hand, any time I actually had to deal with TWC's tech support,
> it was a nightmare. And it seems the Ubee is a nice modem, but a *really*
> crappy router. Though once I figured out how to stick it in bridge mode, I
> didn't have any more trouble with it.

I think I have an asterisk on my customer record.  I've had TWC RR for 
over 10 years now in Durham or Hillsborough.  At one point I went 
through a serious stint of bad performance and pulled out all my 
sysadmin tools to convince TWC the problem was in their infrastructure. 
  After burying them in data they tracked it down and fixed it.  Since 
then, I've always received very good customer service and technical 
support from TWC.  Might be coincidence, but who knows.


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