[TriLUG] Watch Netflix streaming video on Linux? YES!

Carl Crider c.crider at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 19:47:00 EST 2012

I agree. Having no access on my Lin PC & laptop; while my Android phone and
our Wii has always been a punch in the gut. I dont like using WiNE any more
than the next Lin user. But at least I know it's there to use. For now it's
a decent hack.

One hopes that the licensing issues will be worked out soon enough, and we
intel/AMD architecture, non-Win users will have our Netflix and eat it too.
On Dec 4, 2012 5:03 PM, "John Vaughters" <jvaughters04 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Whining about wine.
> Seriously, if it was not a complete solution, I doubt I would even test it
> out. Wine is a hack and has a limited future. Who really cares about
> running Windows SW on a linux box. I try harder every day to distance
> myself from windows. The last thing I want to do is try to hack some
> software of an OS that is slipping away. People wonder why the new Windows
> releases are continuously stagnant? Well, the tech community used to buy
> Windows immediately after the release, and then subsequently work it into
> their business as soon as they got the funding. Now it is just a headache
> that needs to eventually get done. Enthusiasts are mostly gone. I
> personally cringe when having to deal with Windows Licensing issues, when I
> know that linux is just ready to go with no hassle.
> Having said all that you probably would not believe that I am an MS
> fan.... but I am. I love windows for what it is, but I do not waste time
> trying to make it something it is not ie. wine.
> Now if you got this far, here is something to ponder. Why is it that DROID
> has Netflix, but not Linux? I watch it on my Tab all the time. Works great
> no serious hesitation. It is a native solution, ie no wine.
> What this tells us is that the solution already exists and is being held
> back so one last whine about wine. It is a waste of time.
> Sorry to be negative, but I think that if we look beyond Windows and focus
> on the fastest growing software, Linux. Then we end up with software that
> is easy to use and I agree 100% that Linux is a product that is fit for
> mainstream. I have seen the simplest users have no trouble using Ubuntu
> laptops for all their needs.
> 2 cents worth half that on a good day!
> John Vaughters
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