[TriLUG] Dear lazyweb^WTriLUG, Laptop suggestions?

Aaron Joyner aaron at joyner.ws
Thu Jan 3 16:33:54 EST 2013

For the record, I've been WFHDealership all day on my Macbook Air.  I
got here at 10:30am this morning, started working around 11:00, took a
short brake for lunch, and it's now 4:30pm.  I have 42% battery life
remaining, which it estimates is another ~2.5 hours (realistically
probably more like 3-4 hours).  No, I didn't expect to be here this
long, but I still probably wouldn't have bothered to bring a power
cable.  When at 12:30pm they said it'd be an extra 3 hours, I turned
down the brightness on the screen a bit.

I've been connected to the local wireless, corp VPN, IRC, a couple
chrome windows with a dozen tabs between them, browsing and working

No, it doesn't run Linux, but iTerm is an excellent terminal emulator
(arguably better than any available for XWindows), and it runs Chrome
with out any headache, and Flash and sound just always work.  It gets
me connected to the bazillions of linux servers that I do need to
manage just fine.

Blacksmiths don't heat their houses with white-hot open furnaces.
Choose the right tool for the job at hand.

Happy hunting, Joseph!
Aaron S. Joyner

On Thu, Jan 3, 2013 at 4:23 PM,  <matt at noway2.thruhere.net> wrote:
>> ARM is working on attacking server level chips for this very reason. The
>> efficiency creates significant savings. Look for ARM to give INTEL a run
>> for their money in the coming 3-5 yrs. It should be interesting to see
>> INTEL's response, I cannot beleive they will just lay down. We are living
>> in times of great processor upheaval.
> And just today I saw a prediction that AMD won't see 2014.  I remember
> when they were taking the lead from Intel.
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