[TriLUG] Do Linux users have security questions?

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Nice arsenal. I'm taking notes :-)


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Hey Wesley,

The focus of my talk last year was to provide a rapid info security overview for the audience and then show them how to gain experience with some of the security tools/concepts via Free or Open Source Software.
Admittedly quick overviews (since I was trying to cover a broad scope), but I talked about:

 - virtualization tools (like Xen, KVM, VirtualBox)
 - logging/SIEM tools such as AlienVault (formerly OSSIM)
 - Intrusion Detection tools like Snort, BroIDS, Suricata
 - vulnerability scanning (Nessus was formerly free, OpenVAS)
 - pen testing (metasploit, w3af)
 - forensics (Sumuri Paladin, SANS SIFT workstation)
 - encryption (TrueCrypt)
 - and other tools like Nmap, Backtrack Linux, and Security Onion

I also mentioned available attack environments (such as Web Goat, DVL,
Metasploitable) so folks could test things out without attacking legitimate networks and systems. I made the talk available as a PDF (5.5 MB) which you can find here: http://matusiak.org/documents/

David M.

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> > Hi all,
> >
> > I was hoping to give a presentation at this year's NCSU FOSS Fair, 
> > but don't have the time for a full-blown presentation (sorry, 
> > holidays and then everyone in my family has been sick). Instead, I 
> > was hoping to perhaps solicit information security questions from 
> > Open Source users and see what help/answers I could provide. It 
> > would be super fantastic if I could then draw it all together into a 
> > cohesive "security landscape" picture for folks to think about, but 
> > that will largely depend on what ideas we can spark.
> >
> > Anyone willing to help me out? It would be great if you could send 
> > me any relevant questions, as well as links to new FOSS technologies 
> > or tools that are security related. I covered many last year, and 
> > "how to become familiar with info sec topics and tools via Open 
> > Source," but I'm very happy to learn about new stuff. I appreciate 
> > any help from this group! (And you're welcome to forward this to 
> > other LUGs, FOSS groups, etc).
> >
> > Have a great week, y'all!
> > Dave M.
> >
> > http://matusiak.org
> > --
> >
> Hey,
>     What were some of the tools that you covered last year?
>         - Wesley
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