[TriLUG] April 11 meeting - Open Government and Open Cities

Bill Farrow bill at arrowsreach.com
Tue Apr 2 22:32:08 EDT 2013


Topic: Open source all the cities
Presenter: Jason Hibbets
When: Thursday, April 11, 7pm
Where: Red Hat HQ, NCSU Centennial Campus, 1801 Varsity Dr, Raleigh, NC
Map: Google Maps
Video: YouTube

Open source all the cities.

What are the elements of an open source city? Learn how open source is
influencing the open government movement in Raleigh. We’ll take a
brief look at policy, participation, culture, and apps in Raleigh. You
might be surprised how much is happening in the Triangle region, even
if you're not a civic geek. I'll also talk about my book, The
Foundation of an Open Source, and my successful crowdfunding campaign.
This will very much be both a presentation and a conversation.

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