[TriLUG] ( OT ) Google Adsense

Brian McCullough bdmc at buadh-brath.com
Wed Oct 9 10:58:15 EDT 2013


This may not be the ideal place to ask this question, but I have almost always received useful responses to my questions here.

I am trying to understand ( ? ) Google Adsense, in particular in
relation to a web site that I am working on.

The site is not "wordy," in the sense that it doesn't have big blocks of
prose, but instead, short phrases, in general.

However, following the research that I have been pursuing, the title
attempts to be relevant, there is a description meta-tag, but no
keywords meta-tag.

There are no H1 or H2 tags anywhere on the page except on pages like
About Us and FAQ, the pages are not layed out like that.

I think that I have two questions, to begin with.

Google refers to three types of Adsense "things," Links, Adsense for
Search and Adsense for Content.

How do I know what I am dealing with here?  I can recognize Links, but
what are the other two?

Secondly, the ads that I am seeing seem to have only a vague
relationship to the page.  The page may talk about a location, for
instance Chapel Hill, but the ad is for San Francisco.  Any suggestions?

Thank you,

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