[TriLUG] WinXP Remote Desktop Problem

Grawburg grawburg at myglnc.com
Sun Dec 15 17:52:05 EST 2013

I run Debian 7 (64-bit) at home and have a Debian 6 (32-bit) laptop at work. I used to be able to Remote Desktop into a WINXP PC at the museum I work for. Last week, when the power supply failed on the WIN PC I removed the HDD and put it into a different PC.  I can no longer RDP into the WIN machine from either Linux laptop.  I've checked the settings on the WIN machine but it looks the same as before.  Am I missing something?

Is there something I could install on the WINXP machine to replace Remote Desktop that will still allow me to use my RDP at home?

Brian Grawburg

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