[TriLUG] OT Ethernet over Powerline

Bill Farrow bill at arrowsreach.com
Mon Mar 3 09:31:47 EST 2014

On Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 9:12 AM, Andrew Stephenson <tendonut at gmail.com> wrote:
> shoots up to 15ms and spikes to 100ms randomly. It appears that when the
> signal has to pass through your circuit breaker, performance goes to shit.

At a previous job, we were designing home automation products that
included powerline ethernet capability. For product testing and demos
we had a mock up of a typical home wiring system with breaker panel
and outlets. The signal would not work if the devices were on
different circuits due to the incoming 220v two-phase power being
split into two 110v single phase circuits. There was a coupling device
that could be installed by an electrician in the breaker box that
would fix this issue. I am not sure if this was an active or passive


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