[TriLUG] OT Ethernet over Powerline

Alan Porter porter at trilug.org
Mon Mar 3 09:32:00 EST 2014

> When I connect a unit in the bedroom and another in the living
> room downstairs on a different circuit, it drops to 25Mbps and 
> latency
> shoots up to 15ms and spikes to 100ms randomly. It appears that when 
> the
> signal has to pass through your circuit breaker, performance goes to 
> shit.

/me wonders if you could put a low-pass filter between the two circuits
(I have seen these discussed in X10 forums), and then pick a spot in 
house with easy access to both circuits and put an ethernet bridge 

That is:
* Keep circuit A and circuit B electrically isolated.
* Connect a EOPL adaptor to circuit A.
* Connect a EOPL adaptor to circuit B.
* Connect ethernets from both to a switch.
* Switch bridges network "powerA" and network "powerB".

It ends up using 2 more EOPL adaptors, but the speed and latency would
not be so bad.



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