[TriLUG] OT Ethernet over Powerline

David Burton ncdave4life at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 09:59:15 EST 2014

A low-pass-and-high-pass filter between the two phases/sides is a stove,
when it's turned on. I speculate (but have never tried) that the following
test might work: if turning on a stove burner improves your network
performance, then the cause of the poor performance is probably that your
powerline adapters are on opposite sides of the breaker box.

You really can't put a low-pass filter between the two circuits. However, a
high-pass filter between the two phases/sides (in the breaker box, or
anywhere there's easy access to both sides, such as any 220v outlet) would
probably help. It could be nothing more than a single high-voltage
capacitor. There's some relevant discussion here:
and more here:


On Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 9:32 AM, Alan Porter <porter at trilug.org> wrote:

>  When I connect a unit in the bedroom and another in the living
>> room downstairs on a different circuit, it drops to 25Mbps and latency
>> shoots up to 15ms and spikes to 100ms randomly. It appears that when the
>> signal has to pass through your circuit breaker, performance goes to shit.
> /me wonders if you could put a low-pass filter between the two circuits
> (I have seen these discussed in X10 forums), and then pick a spot in the
> house with easy access to both circuits and put an ethernet bridge between
> them.
> That is:
> * Keep circuit A and circuit B electrically isolated.
> * Connect a EOPL adaptor to circuit A.
> * Connect a EOPL adaptor to circuit B.
> * Connect ethernets from both to a switch.
> * Switch bridges network "powerA" and network "powerB".
> It ends up using 2 more EOPL adaptors, but the speed and latency would
> not be so bad.
> ???
> Alan

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