Mailing Lists

Subscribe to the TriLUG Announcements list to keep up to date with the latest TriLUG issues and events.

There are also other mailing lists, such as a general discussion list, a ham radio list, and others. Visit the Mailman interface to gain access to all of the available lists through the GNU Mailman software. Please note that it is TriLUG policy that the mailing lists archives be publicly accessible.

Currently there are several lists for discussion:

A steering committee mailing list exists for the steering group to coordinate meetings and day-to-day operation of the LUG.

While these lists are services of the LUG, participation on mailing lists is not the same as membership in the LUG. Meetings are the best way to get to know your fellow TriLUG members or to become a member if you are not already a member. TriLUG meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month. Attendance is free and open to the public.