[Linux-ham] Roll up J-pole

Chris Harris Chris.harris at actrix.gen.nz
Tue May 16 16:32:16 EDT 2006

The impedance of the aerial depends on where on the stub you attach the
feed - a little further up for 75ohms. Adjust for maximum field
strength. I doubt your radio will mind the 75ohm load, but your power
out might be reduced (and battery life lengthened).
If you're in Wellington, I can give you some ex-ethernet rg58, but
you'll get less loss with some quality cable.
Regards,  Chris

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> Hi Folks,
>    I'm trying to make a rollup j-pole out of 300 Ohm TV twin lead 
> wire.   I bought an RG-59 coax cable (with BNC connector), 
> but it is 75 
> Ohms instead of the recommended 50 Ohm RG-8X cable.   Would 
> this have a 
> negative effect on my antenna? 
> Thank you for your advice and help,
> -Rob KI4BKE
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