[Linux-ham] Calling for Introductions

Tanner Lovelace kb4tye at arrl.net
Fri May 19 14:02:49 EDT 2006


A few years ago, when Kevin, N8VNR asked me to setup
a mailing list for him for ham radio and TriLUG, I decided
to call it "linux-ham at trilug.org" in the hopes of perhaps
attracting a larger audience.  Well, from a few recent posts
I see that it has and we have over 50 people on the list now,
including at least one subscriber from New Zealand!,
So, I'd like to call for introductions.  Please tell us who you
are, where you're from, what license you hold, why you
subscribed, what you'd like to see from the list, and at least
one other random thing about you.  I'll go first.

Hi, my name is Tanner Lovelace.  I'm from Durham, NC
in the United States (where trilug is based).  I hold a
US Amateur Extra class license.  I've been licensed
for over 20 years now.  I subscribed to the list to have
a place to talk about ham radio stuff with my linux
friends.  I'd love to see this list talk more about
modern ham radio topics like Software Defined Radio (SDR),
Voice over IP (VoIP), and other interesting stuff,
all working with Linux, of course.  And, finally, as
my random fact, I'll mention that I (and my wife, KI4BZG, too)
am very interested in weather.  My wife and I both
volunteer with our local Skywarn weather spotters
and spent time doing volunteer radio communication
after Hurricane Isabel hit North Carolina a few years ago.

Ok, so how about you? :-)

Tanner Lovelace
Tanner Lovelace
clubjuggler at gmail dot com
(fieldless) In fess two roundels in pale, a billet fesswise and an
increscent, all sable.

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