[TriLUG-announce] Dec 8 meeting: Open Source Showcase and Holiday Social

Justis Peters justis.peters at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 18:12:57 EST 2011

Topic: Open Source Showcase and Holiday Social
Presenter: You!
When: Thursday, December 8, 7pm
Where: SplatSpace, 331 W. Main St., Durham, NC
Map: http://splatspace.org/location/

Back by popular demand, our holiday meeting will be at SplatSpace (our 
local hackerspace) in Durham, NC.

We will provide space to anyone who wants to showcase open source 
projects they find interesting. It can be software, hardware, or data -- 
just as long as it's free (as in speech). Think of it as a science fair 
or show-and-tell for open source enthusiasts.

We will also open up the kitchen area for anyone who wants to bring 
snacks, desserts, and drinks to share with everyone else. These items do 
not have to be open source, but you definitely get extra geek cred if 
there is a creative-commons licensed recipe sitting next to the food you 
bring. It also makes it easier for folks like me, who try and avoid 
gluten, to know what's safe to eat.

The doors open at 7pm and you can wander from table to table, to see the 
neat things people are showcasing. If you are presenting something, be 
sure to let us know which things you want to see. We will try to 
coordinate breaks for people so that even the presenters get a chance to 
see the things that interest them.

If you'd like to showcase something or bring some food to share, please 
add an entry to the wiki page: 

PLEASE NOTE: To make things a little harder for spammers, you have to 
enter a username and password to access the wiki. The username is "TRI" 
and the password is "LUG".

You may also add things to the wiki page that you simply wish someone 
would demonstrate. That said, please consider running that table 
yourself. It's completely OK to show up with 20 copies of a live CD that 
you've been meaning to try out and to invite others to sit down and 
tinker on it with you. The important parts of this meeting are sharing 
your interests with others and socializing. Please let us know ASAP that 
you intend to present something, so that we can reserve a table and 
chair for you.

Alan Porter, one of our fantastic steering committee members, has 
volunteered to demo an Arduino system, "that measures and records 
environmental stats for our hermit crab's cage.  It's like a Star Trek 
tricorder for crustaceans.  The hardware and development tools are all 
open source - so share and enjoy!"

I've heard rumors that someone is bringing egg nog, but I'm not sure how 
much. What are you bringing? Go add it to the wiki now :)

Looking forward to seeing all of you at SplatSpace on December 8!

Kind regards,
Justis Peters

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