[TriLUG] Re: Remote management with Cyclades

Lance A. Brown lance at bearcircle.net
Thu Nov 20 11:27:22 EST 2003

Don't get the Cyclade-Ze product.  It's serial terminal server with a 
PCI card SCSI-connected to a rackmountable bulkhead with serial RJ45 
connections on it.  The SCSI connector is the high-density type with the 
clamps on it, no screws.  I've had no end of problems keeping the unit 
we have working.  Anytime the cable gets jiggled we loose the connection 
between the bulkhead and card.  The best Cyclades can offer is pointing 
us at a custom cable-shop that will make a suitable cable with 
screw-down connectors on it.


Jason White wrote:
> Just wanted to query the list to see if anyone has any experience with
> any of the remote management products that Cyclades[1] offers.
> We have several Linux and AIX servers that we would like to remotely
> manage -- down to the BIOS level, etc.  I've heard a lot of good
> things about Cyclades over the years (they run Linux on the hardware,
> they have good support for Linux, etc), so they are at the top of our
> vendor list.
> Along the same lines, has anyone ever used Conserver[2], which is an
> open-source product that allows multiple users to watch a serial
> console at the same time?  It supports just about every flavor of
> unix.  Just looking for some opionions, etc.  
> 1. http://www.cyclades.com
> 2. http://www.conserver.com
> Thanks,
> Jason

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