[TriLUG] performance enhancements?

Luis Nunez lnunez6 at netscape.net
Fri Nov 21 09:15:45 EST 2003

If you just want a domain name try www.dnydns.org. It is free of charge if you use one of there domains. Example “bdsmith.homelinux.com”.  They look organized and have features to change your settings such as adding MX records for E-mail (if you an email server).

You get what you pay for when you register I am trying verio.com for $19 (one year) and their interface is a kludge and seems to lack security.


bdsmith at nc.rr.com wrote:

>Fellow Linux Users,
>I'm in the process of setting up Linux on my desktop machine, and am wondering what I can do to optimize the machine’s performance. I'm using reiserfs, I've tweaked the hard drive with hdparm, and I've set up prelinking. Since I'm running Gentoo, I’ve also taken advantage of some of Gentoo’s distro-specific performance enhancements (tweaked the use and compile time flags, used the desktop tuned Gentoo kernel sources). Are there any other general tweaks I can do to enhance responsivness/performance? This box is intended for everyday desktop use with a fair amount of gaming.
>Has anyone had good or bad experiences wtih a specific domain registrar?
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