[TriLUG] New Year's Resolution: Backup my data (backuppc rocks)

Christopher L Merrill chris at webperformance.com
Wed Dec 31 14:44:13 EST 2008

Don Jerman wrote:
> I want to get serious about offsite I need to buy a USB box.  Problem
> is the last three I bought fizzled - I'm a little "burned out" on
> burning out high-cap drives in USB enclosures.  What do y'all use that
> can operate 24/7 without going belly-up?

We've been using a pair of 500G WD drives that came in portable
USB/firewire enclosures.  They get a few hundred Gb written to them
each weekend and we swap them offsite on Mondays. They've been in
use for a few years now.

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