[TriLUG] New Year's Resolution: Backup my data (backuppc rocks)

Josh Vickery josh at vickeryj.com
Wed Dec 31 15:47:52 EST 2008

> Don Jerman wrote:
>> I want to get serious about offsite I need to buy a USB box.  Problem
>> is the last three I bought fizzled - I'm a little "burned out" on
>> burning out high-cap drives in USB enclosures.  What do y'all use that
>> can operate 24/7 without going belly-up?

I've been using an e-sata enclosure with great luck. To deal with the
24/7 problem I use hdparm to set the spindown time of the drive to 1
minute and schedule all my backups to run sequentially overnight. This
way the drive stays spun down most of the time, but I don't have to
worry about turning the enclosure on in order for the backups to run.

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