Mailing Lists


Internet Relay Chat is a convenient method of chatting with your peers. TriLUG has several IRC channels available at They include:

  • #trilug on This channel is logged by multiple participants and participation should be considered public. The channel is an unofficial service as it is maintained by freenode, a separate entity, but TriLUG policies (eg. the anti-harassment policy) still apply.
  • #trilug-business - Steering Committee meetings and other official business
  • #trilug-sys - Maintaining TriLUG's infrastructure
  • #trilug-ham - Linux and Ham Radio discussion

Some other IRC channels frequented by TriLUG members include:

  • #inw - The Triangle Internetworkers IRC Channel
  • #ncsulug - The LUG @ NC State University
  • #trihack - Splat Space and related hacker/makerspaces
  • #tripython - The Triangle Python Users Group

External Links

ibiblio (formerly known as MetaLab and before that, SunSITE) A large source of Linux software

The local universities also have LUGs for interested parties:

LUG @ NC State University Duke University LUG (DULUG) UNC LUG

Linux on Laptops:

Printing on Linux