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Recruiters please note: If you are here to request a mailing list posting about a job:

  • The best way to present jobs is to come to our meeting and participate in our "Have-a-Job/Need-a-Job" segment. This segment allows any person with an opening or any person seeking a job to stand up in front of the entire group and talk for a few minutes. See the for info about the next meeting.
  • If you can not attend a meeting, the next-best way is to join the main discussion mailing list and post your job to the list. Please put the word "JOB" in the subject. Note: we monitor posts to the list. Recruiters who post irrelevant job postings or who "spam" the list with a lot of posts will be "moderated" or removed from the mailing list.

If you have something that you would like to bring to the attention of the Steering Committee, fill in the form below. This is not the place to post job openings. This form sends an email directly to the five steering committee members.

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TriLUG Webmail is now available here. Special thanks to Tanner Lovelace for his work on the SSL portion and accompanying modifications.

January 2007 meeting announcement: there's a wiki...


The January 2007 TriLUG Meeting is upon us!


We are meeting at redhat HQ as usual:


Thursday 11th Jan 2007 at 19:00



Oh, and free pizza and drinks. Oh, and the Status of the LUG presentation. *Oh, and... no. That's all.

Holiday Food Drive Successful


Thanks to everyone who donated and made the Holiday Food Drive successful. We dropped off about 60 lbs of food to Raleigh Rescue Mission.

December Podcast


The December Podcast, audio from Daniel Chen's June talk on Ubuntu Dapper Drake, is now available via the feed

In the interest of simplifying the production of the TriLUG Podcast, the m4a format podcast is no longer available. However, the podcast is now available in the equally patent-encumbered format mp3. That feed is available at The m4a feed will continue to be updated until the mp3 feed shows up in iTMS. Given some technical limitations of converting and encoding the podcast, patent-encumbered versions maybe a short-lived phenomenon. I'm looking for feedback on this.

A few additional notes about the podcast...

This is the first podcast featuring our new intro and "outro" featuring the voices of past meetings, specifically Paul Unbehagen (Web 2.0), Daniel Chen (Ubuntu), Tanner Lovelace (CA Cert), and Jason Faulkner (Nagios).

The program is produced with open source software, particularly Audacity.

The intro and outro music is "Good Thoughts" by the Sim Redmond Band. Used with permission.

Questions, comments, and high praise can be sent to mfrye @ trilug dot org. Enjoy!


The Linux Users Group of the Triangle. Serving Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and RTP.


Our monthly meetings are hosted by:

Dr. Warren Jasper

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3D Printed "TriTuxes" provided by:
Brian Henning