February 9 - Hackable Drones, Drone Laws, and The Development of the UAS Ecosystem in North Carolina


Many thanks to Eric Leary of DataKraft for the excellent recording and editing work!

This event will feature 3 excellent speakers, and we will be giving away a drone!

We will begin with Adrian Pomilio, UI Architect and Platform Architecture Team Lead for Mapp Digital, presenting on the topic of hacking drones. Next we have James Vann of Vann Attorneys Law Firm presenting the on the lastest drone laws and legislation. Finally we will hear from Kyle Snyder, Director of The NextGen Air Transportation Program (NGAT), NCSU Institute for Transportation Research and Education, which is a Consortium of academia, industry, and government members. This meeting will tie together the regulations, the research activities, the economic opportunities, the transportation infrastructure, and future directions.

1st Presentation: Hackable Drones Video: YouTube There has been a lot of talk about drones, and you can pretty much buy some type of a drone at the corner store. But can you control it with JavaScript? Can you tap into the OS and make the drone do your bidding? Or are you just stuck with what they give you in the box? This talk will cover two hackable drones as well as libraries you can leverage to control a myriad of non-traditional devices. Think of it as IOT before IOT. We will have live code, and a few demonstrations, and then we will raffle off one of the drones used in the presentation. This is a light hearted presentation and not a deep dive into aerospace engineering.

Bio: Adrian Pomilio is a UI Architect and Platform Architecture Team Lead for Mapp Digital in Raleigh NC. Adrian has been designing/architecting enterprise applications in the B2B and B2C space. With a heavy focus on front-end technologies JavaScript is at the forefront of his coding adventures. Currently he is heavily focusing on serverless and IOT architecture when he is not spending his free time with his two sons.

2nd Presentation: Drone Laws Video: YouTube James Vann from Vann Attorneys will present on drone laws. Full abstract and bio is forthcoming.

3rd Presentation: The Development of the UAS Ecosystem in North Carolina Video: YouTube "I will bring some slides with some of the work we have been doing to support UAS integration around the state since 2012. I will also talk about our role on the FAA UAS Center of Excellence ASSURE team. And I will talk about opportunities for getting involved with the NGAT Consortium here at NC State (my office) and what we are working on as a community. Our focus is developing North Carolina as an advanced aviation communications testbed for transitioning all aviation activities into a digitized operating environment, not just drones."

Bio: In 2012 Kyle returned home to North Carolina to lead the development of an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Ecosystem as part of an effort to transition the state to a modern air transportation system. In the role as the NGAT Consortium Director at NC State University, Kyle is reaching across North Carolina to connect researchers and educators with industry and government offices that are preparing for future aviation capabilities. Kyle has spent his entire career researching, developing, testing, educating, and advocating for new aerospace and aviation technologies. Having seen the initial Space Shuttle launches from his backyard as kid, to standing on the flight line for a couple of the last SR-71 flights at NASA Dryden, to being a driving force in the domestic integration of UAS for civil and commercial operations, Kyle continues to be inspired by the science of flight and seeks to share those moments with those around him (especially his wife and young son!). https://itre.ncsu.edu/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/SnyderK.pdf

This is going to be an amazing event you do not want to miss!

January 19 - Hack Night!


LibreGaming night! Tonight we are going to play a few popular open source games together. List:

  • Warsow
  • Minetest
  • Teeworlds

Bring a laptop and we'll see you there.

Or bring one of your personal projects down and hack away! Join your fellow TriLUGers at Caktus Group for an evening of fun tech hackery.

If you can't make it in person, hop on IRC; we'll be hanging out on #trilug-sys on Freenode.

January 12 - RHV


Video: On YouTube

Jeff Spahr gives us an overview and tour of RHV (Red Hat Virtualization), outlining its features and benefits, and finishing up with a demo.

Annual Holiday Party: December 8, 2016


Ring in the end of the year with TriLUG! Our annual Holiday Party is a great time of delicious food, cool demos, and socializing with other FOSS enthusiasts. This year, we're at the Red Hat Annex in downtown Raleigh.

Demos of all kinds are welcome. It can be as simple as a cool piece of software you found on the Net, or as complicated as a 3-D printed electronic Halloween costume. Just let us know in the signup form. And food is provided! The party is being catered by Neomonde, and if you want to bring something else in addition, feel free!

Please fill out the quick sign-up form at the link below so we know how much food to order, and what demo you might have in mind. Thanks!

RSVP here!

November 17 - Hack Night!


@scottlinux will demo deploying Django applications in AWS via ansible as done by his company MetaMetrics of Durham, NC.

Or bring one of your personal projects down and hack away! Join your fellow TriLUGers at Caktus Group for an evening of fun tech hackery.

If you can't make it in person, hop on IRC; we'll be hanging out on #trilug-sys on Freenode.

November 10 - Software Defined Radio


Slides: Here

Scott Hall will kick us off with some of the background and history of Software Defined Radio, and give us an overview of the technical theory behind it. After that, he'll launch into some of the common implementations and cover practical concerns.

Once we've got a bit of technical grounding in the subject, Phil Rhodes will step in with a live demo of some of the hardware and software involved with SDR.

After that, we will open the floor to let others give it a shot, or demonstrate their own SDR equipment. So bring your own SDR dongle on down and play!

About Scott Hall: I have been interested in electronics and radio since a child (first ham-license when I was 9). I apprenticed & journeymaned to a professional broadcast engineer in high-school going into college, and at the same time building and using computers and software. After getting degrees in both hardware and software engineering, I have careered mostly in Software Development with forays into Embedded Engineering. My first experience in Software Defined Radio was using some DSP's and ham-radio gear back in the 1990's.

October 13 - Professional Audio-Video Production on Linux


Recording: YouTube

Summary From concept to finished product, it has never been easier to obtain professional results when it comes to audio-video production on Linux.

We will cover some of the hardware that should be part of your production suite, from microphones to jog wheels and highlight some of the top tools for animation, audio, broadcasting, effects, modeling, music, transcoding and video. We will also go beyond the usual suspects and introduce some tools that might not be typically used for AV production.

By the end of the presentation, you will have all the tools you need to improve the quality of your communications, for your personal enjoyment, your career, or your business.

Bio Francois Dion is the founder of Dion Research and a data scientist at Inmar. He has worked at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, at Videotron (Quebecor), is the resident AV expert for Made From Scratch Photography and he hosts the podcast “Something For Your Mind”. He also contributes to open source, and is a regular speaker at Linux and Python conferences and meetups.

September 15 - Hack Night!


We're coming into the homestretch with Moya. We want to get the Pilot VM running and validated in preparation for swapping Moya in for Pilot. Come on down and help! Everyone welcome!

Or bring one of your personal projects down and hack away! Join your fellow TriLUGers at Caktus Group for an evening of fun tech hackery.

If you can't make it in person, hop on IRC; we'll be hanging out on #trilug-sys on Freenode.


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